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Masters of Kings is the first installment in the Swordfathers series. You can purchase the novel on Amazon with the link below.

Map of Fulccrum

A color map of Fulccrum in 4k is available for download on Imgur (an image sharing platform). If you look closely, you can see the sabatons at the port entrance, Emerald Ezzy's shop, and Dark Water's whirlpool.

About the Author

Dan Shields began writing Swordfathers when his muse made him an offer he couldn't refuse: either his internet browser history or his book would be published on Amazon. That's when Dan began typing the novel furiously. He will loudly proclaim to be an award-winning author. Then he'll add (under his breath) that the award was for the fantasy category of the parody Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest.Much of Dan's life has been a cautionary example. Swordfathers is a warning about what happens when you read A Song of Ice and Fire while watching The Sopranos. Dan and his wife have four kids but, despite his fantasy writing inspired pleas, she didn't allow him to include a single apostrophe in any of their names. Dan holds degrees from Northwestern University, the University of Cincinnati, and New York University, a collection of schools that he refers to as an "academic sampler."

This picture was taken inside an eighty-year-old B-17 Flying Fortress in the air somewhere high over Michigan. Those four engines roar like dragons!

About That Award

The Edward Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest is won by writing the "best" worst opening sentence of a novel. It's named after the author who famously began one of his novels "It was a dark and stormy night..." To read my winning entry, scroll down to the fantasy category. (Dan White is my non-pen name.)

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The short story that I mentioned above is The Hollow Fang. It's the tale of a ruler who trusts old allies and older powers with loyalties that can shift faster than a cobra can strike. The events are set outside of the Swordfathers realm.

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